Philip Colleck, Ltd Established 1938
Antique English Furniture


Philip Colleck, Ltd. has been providing professional quality restoration services since our founding in 1938. Depending on the repairs needed, restoration work can be done both on site and in the studio, and is determined case by case.

Our services include:

  • Waxing, French polishing, lacquer, japanning and painted surface restoration.
  • All cabinet repairs including restoration of broken or missing parts, veneer, marquetry, inlay and carvings.
  • Metal restoration including replacement locks, brasses and casters.
  • Gilding restoration including gold, silver and metal leaf and restoring and recarving gesso.
  • Leather replacement and restoration.
  • Complete upholstery services. We can also assist in fabric selection.
  • Glass restoration including polishing, mirror plate, beveling, and lamp, candlebra, sconce and chandelier replacement parts.
  • Electrical rewiring of all lighting fixtures.
  • Caning
  • Marble repair, cleaning and polishing.

Please contact us at 212-486-7600 or to speak with us, or arrange an appointment.